Volkswagen Golf II 1.8 CL 1990 111 000 km, original condition, full service history 6 350,- EUR
Évjárat:1990Hengerűrtartalom:1781 köbcentiméterVáltó:manuális
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:-Futásteljesítmény:111000 km
Volkswagen Golf II CL (1990) with a fully documented service history, in an exceptionally good condition with 95% original polishing is for sale!

Its 1,8L engine is a catalyst version, with 90 horse-power which is capable of 179 km/h according to the manufacturer’s data.

It has an ABS for safety, and new 195/50/15 tires on BBS (GTI Race) wheels.

Service book is administered for the car’s whole lifetime, the replacement of the whole controlling system happened at 105.000 km.

The passenger cab is spotless, the tapestry of the seats are in a shop condition. The dashboard has no cracks, the plastics are novel. Original wheels are also available.

It will be delivered after a fresh oil change service.

Chassis number:WVWZZZ1GZMW144289