Volvo P1800E 1972 FIVA Classification, automatic transmission, fuel injected engine
Évjárat:1972Hengerűrtartalom:1986 köbcentiméterVáltó:automata
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:OT- és FIVA-minősítésFutásteljesítmény:-
After the P1800 and P1800S models – those were manufactured between 1960 and 1969 – Volvo presented the third series of the model in 1970.

The brand new 2 l engine with it’s Bosch D-Jetronic injection system and 130 hp, is capable of 190 km/h speed and a 9,5 seconds acceleration.

In this model there are four disc brakes. In 1972, the manufacturing of P1800E stopped. The last of them left the factory with an engine of 124 hp, in line of the new environment standards.

This specific vehicle were bought in 1972 by it’s first american owner who used it till 2004. That’S when it got to Hungary. After renewing the body and the engine it started to run as a certified oldtimer in 2007. In 2010 some more work had been done to get the FIVA certificate too.

The car is one of the last ones from 1972, and thanks to its color and the 3 speed Borg-Warner gear shift it is a very rare, special item.