Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus 1972 Road Runner-clone, 5.2, V8, 300 HP Eladva
Évjárat:1972Hengerűrtartalom:5215 köbcentiméterVáltó:automata
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:OT-minősítés, AMTS 2013. Amerikai autó 1. helyFutásteljesítmény:5000 km(a felújítás óta)
A true american muscle car, renewed and reshaped by high standards with the whole process documented.

The original car was a 1972 Plymoth Satellite Sebring Plus which became a perfect Road Runner clone at the end. Instead of the original 150 HP one it has a new built tuning engine (5,2 V8) capable of 300 HP. Speeds-up to 100 kmph in 6,5 second.

(Not complete) list of the alterations:
  • higher piston compression
  • unique Holley carburetor
  • race manifold
  • tuning race camshaft and cam lifter
  • Magnaflow exhaust system with multiport downpipes
  • new gear-box with a tuning transducer (shift kit, heavy duty kit)
  • self-locking differential (sperr)
  • short end-transmission
  • Cragar wheels
  • unique tachometer on the engine-hood
  • manufacturing reversible back airfoil
  • flared wheel tracks (front and back)

All changes are authentic, the interior is original. It has new, gas shock-absorbers and new tires (235/60/15 in the front, 275/60/15 in the back), works with E85 bioethanol too. Fully tested and prepared to everydas use. It has a sheer Mopar muscle car voice and a really flashy appearance. No wonder everyone look int he same direction when it hits the road.

Car, Bike & Tuning Show (Hungary, 2013) American car category-winner.