Opel Kadett C 1.2 S Berlina 1976 FIVA Classification 7 950,- EUR
Évjárat:1976Hengerűrtartalom:1187 köbcentiméterVáltó:manuális
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:OT- és FIVA-minősítésFutásteljesítmény:120000 km
Extremely rare Berlina 1.2 S with 60 hp C Kadett from the 1st series, with a known history from the beginning. It runs in Hungary since 1981. In 2007 it was polished and received a new canopy. Services and maintenances are documented since 2006.

Compared to the basic design it has many chrome decorations and original foglights for a special appearance. It also has an original radio.

The classic shown here is a regular attendant of different shows and exhibitions. It’s a reliable vehicle with very low maintenance costs.

It has an almost perfect condition compared to its age, that’s why it received the FIVA certificate in 2010.

The car was equipped with Mattig SSF wheels and Vredestein Sprint Classic (205/60 R13) tyres in September 2017. The original was replaced with a new GT/E steering wheel in December 2017. In May 2019, it received "retro" sports seats. At the same time, we carried out the following service work:
  • valve clearance adjustment
  • complete ignition system repair
  • new disc brakes, cylinders and inserts
  • differential repair