Fiat 127 Sport 70HP 1980 Real rarity, excellent condition
Évjárat:1980Hengerűrtartalom:1049 köbcentiméterVáltó:manuális
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:OT-minősítésFutásteljesítmény:71050 km
This Fiat 127 Sport 70 HP was first registered in Germany in 1980.

70 horse power with 775 kgs was really sporty at that time, the maximum speed it reached was 160 km/h

The first owner held the car for 35 years (original key in the original leather case with the logo of the german FIAT dealer), but it had run only until 1990 only. She put 68! thousand kilometers in it in 10 years! After 25 years it it was essential to make a revision on he car in 2015 when it was imported to Hungary. The interior was of course in new condition as it spent its whole life in a garage. Its first painting hasn't shone in its original glance, so it was repainted in its very original tone of 'Arancio Racing 255'.

Besides the repainting, the following repairing/replacing works has been done:
  • Timing
  • Complete brake system
  • Complete exhaust system
  • Ignition
  • Electricity
  • Complete suspension
  • Cooler
  • Tyres

Only original and new FIAT parts were used during the works, although in some cases it was rather difficult to buy original parts as this model differs significantly from a 'normal' 127.

The result of the project is a ’37 years old’ perfectly running car in an extraordinary and impairable condition!