Datsun 240Z Serie 1 (!) 1970 Restored in Concours dElegance quality Eladva
Évjárat:1970Hengerűrtartalom:2393 köbcentiméterVáltó:manuális
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:FIVA-minősítésFutásteljesítmény:500 km(a felújítás óta)
Datsun 240 Z first series (!) restored to the original factory standards in Concours d'Elegance quality.

WIN numbers started with the well-sounded'501'at the beginning of the serial production. This car rolled off the band at the very beginning with the chassis number (WIN) 4312.

This colour 'Safari gold' existed only for two years.

During the restoration the body had become protection against corrosion first and painting was made with the so-called KTL (immersion) technology after that.

Equipped with optional light alloys which were firstly offered by Nissan in the model year 1970.

The whole process of the restoration is fully documented.

Considering its curiosity and perfect condition this car definitely could be a shining star of international classic car shows and races.

Delivering will follow the 500 test kilometers and the F.I.V.A. certification.