Datsun 240Z "Orange" 1971 Totally restored – like a new, Triple Weber Carbs
Évjárat:1971Hengerűrtartalom:2393 köbcentiméterVáltó:manuális
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:-Futásteljesítmény:300 km(a felújítás óta)
Car in shop condition, renovated till the last screw with original-like modifications and supplements. Gorgeous two seat coupe in Concours d'Elegance condition. The whole restoration process is documented.

Original like modifications and supplements:
  • Triple Weber carburetor line
  • electronic AC pump
  • Rota Silver wheels 215/60/15 Champiro GT Radial tires
  • BRE front spoiler
  • Japanese internal market style (JDM) exhaust system
  • original radio with an electronic antenna

Backlights are modified to meet the european standards.

A Japanese classic, suitable for a FIVA-qualification. It can be an admired piece at the most important exhibitions and other events.

European duty and ancestry-check is paid.

Service background for and parts are available.