Audi 100 2.3E 1990 145 000 km, automatic transmission, air conditioner, full service history 9 350,- EUR
Évjárat:1990Hengerűrtartalom:2309 köbcentiméterVáltó:automata
Üzemanyag:benzinesMinősítés:Futásteljesítmény:145000 km
The Audi model C3 had a brand new body compared to the series from the 70s. Because of its great aerodynamics, it had a 0,30 Cw value, which was considered as an excellent one back then. This was the first model with Audi’s newly developed “procon-ten” defense system.

The winner of “The car of the year” in 1983 is one of the classics of Audi’s history. This vehicle with a 2.3E signed, five-cylinder in-line engine (136 hp) was available from 1986 to 1990.

This car is ona of the last “cigar shaped” Audis. Its first Swiss owner ordered it in 1990 with an extraordinary rich equipment: ABS, automatic gear shift, automatic climate control, tempomat, seat-heating, sunroof, power steering, central locking system, electric windows and mirrors, magnetic phone console. With its claret red polishing and original light wheels it has a fantastic look as well.

We spent three year searching for a car like this on different, Swiss and German pages, then we found this car in Hungary. Its careful owner brought it to Hungary in 2000 and of course its service was always in original dealer’s garages.

The 145.000 km run during its 29 years can be verified based on its Swiss service history and the invoices from the garages. It’s hard to find a model in this condition with this equipment on the roads of Europe.

The 29-year-old five-piece injector was replaced in early May 2019 by a factory brand new.